I spend much of my free time in the garden. I’ve been gardening on this lot since 2014, and I’m beginning to want to document the effort more completely. Eventually I may aspire to creating a gardening blog that people who don’t know me might want to read. Until then, I want to document the garden’s progress for myself and my friends who might want to look at photos now and then. Since my garden is on the corner, and in the city, there are many people who see it, and I often get people complementing my work. I tend to focus on how the garden isn’t yet all I envision it to be. I hope that by spending some time documenting I’ll be able to see more clearly the progress I’ve made. Photo albums with dates are the easiest method I’ve come up with.

Monthly Photo Albums

I may find a better way of organizing and presenting these photos, but for now I’m just putting up albums by month with pictures.

Project Albums

I intend to get ambitious and document particular garden projects in more detail eventually. That’ll be represented as project albums…. eventually.